COVID-19 Policy Tracker

This dashboard categorizes policy actions taken at the county and city level in response to COVID-19. This was built using a corpus of over 50,000 public news sources. With machine learning, we identify counties and cities which policy actions in response to COVID-19. Each policy action is automatically assigned to one of 10 categories. By hovering or clicking on a specific area of the dashboard, you can see the news source for the given policy action and its publication date (when available).

This project relies on BERT for text classification. The code for this project will be made open source as soon as possible. The data underlying these visualizations can be made available immediately to anyone who is interested in it.

For more information, or if you're interested in collaborating, reach out to me @brandonmrose on Twitter. This is a work in progress; suggestions are welcome!

Below, you can examine the specific news articles that were used to derive the policy action taken in a given city or county.